Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Instagram competition

We're giving away a $500 Gift voucher to spend on anything you'd like in store!! 

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 Winner will be drawn on the 20th of Dec in time for the Christmas weekend 

Good luck ! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gift edit | Mr & Mrs Smith

With 20 days to Xmas we have put together a GIFT EDIT , showing our favourite picks from the store. Sure to have something for everyone..

We offer express post delivery Australia wide with complimentary christmas gift wrapping. 

You can call us on 02 8966 9555 to place an order over the phone. 

Dinosaur Designs

Cloud bowls $85
Liquid Vase $145
Bangles from $55 
Loop choker Necklace $165

Dinosaur Designs 
Earth bowl $280
Bangles from $55

Turkish beach towels $45

Angus & Celeste Hanging planters 
Handmade in Melbourne

Soludos espadrilles $40-$45

Alkemie jewellery
Handmade in LA from 100% reclaimed metal

Click here for more details 

Tutu du monde dress $160
Saltwater sandals $70
Numero 74 garland $25 and Glitter wand $20

Goodies for the little princess 

Tutu du monde Gold cape $100
Numero 74 Glitter wands and crown $15-$20
Numero 74 knitted key rings $8
Minnetonka fringe booties $80

For the boys

Munster tee's $45
Numero 74 Pirate Garland $25 and felt Pirate patch $8
Sunnies $35
Bensimon camo sneakers 

Kids soludos espadrilles

Hanno the Gorilla $165
Hanno the Gorilla Jr. $120

Like Hanno, the Greek voyager who discovered gorillas 2500 years ago, your Hanno is brave, strong, and curious. His powerful hardwood frame can hold many poses, and his elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs make him almost impervious to breakage.

Moscot sunnies $310

Men's summer shorts 

Vanishing Elephant Men's socks $15

Status Anxiety Men's leather wallets $40 - $70

Bank in form of a pig - Navy Chrome

Part of Harry Allen’s Reality series, the Bank In The Form Of A Pig is cast from a pig that died of natural causes. The bank holds up to 10,000 in dollar bills.

Marble cheese board $85
Cheese knife $25
Petrified wood candle holder $65

Chaklota wooden cheese board 
Carved wooden candle sticks 

2 By Lyn & Tony

All pieces are limited edition & handmade in Sydney using semi precious stones and kangaroo leather. 

Tom dixon Scent candle gift set

A collection of three scented candles created to capture the essence of the travelling, trading and nostalgic past with the vibrant future of British life.

is a reminiscence of tea time with a pot of Earl Grey, scones, strawberry jam and the drive home in a '52 Bentley with tatty leather seats. 

London is encased in a nickel vessel London calls to the smell of red brick, London parks with crocuses and nettles and the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham. 

Orientalist captures the faint memory of an Indian wedding with rose petal garlands, giant cinnamon stick on beach stalls and the musky smells of the Chinese herbal market. Oriental is encased in a brass vessel.

Chop Long

A long chopping board milled from solid oak with a soft curved edge detail. The long shape makes this board ideal for bread or as a decorative charcuterie board.

Chop Long feathures a convenient hole for hanging or holding and a brass logo detail. 

Tom Dixon Stone Pestle & Mortar

'Hours of grinding in our own London restaurant resulted in this weighty block of white Morwad marble and brass to smash, pummel and grind spices and herbs. An exaggerated rounded lip allows you a firm grip as you work.Turned white Morwad marble mortar. Brass Etched logo on the base. Brass pestle, weighted with an inner cast iron core, polished and left unlacquered'

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introducing Alkemie to Mr & Mrs Smith

Forged from 100% reclaimed metals, husband-and-wife design team Ashley Lowengrub & Dara Gerson's unique jewelry is equal parts art and accessory.  By creating new designs from existing materials in abundance, Alkemie’s mission is to translate something that would otherwise be landfill-bound into wearable art.
Capturing and reinterpreting texture from soft organic forms into lustrous metal is an integral part in Alkemie's design philosophy.  An Alkemie cuff, ring or necklace first starts with an inspiration- a leaf, a starfish, or a one of a kind vintage piece. To replicate the texture and dimension of an object, the designers cast through a lost wax process, playing with the design, and discovering different light dimensions and form. The design process is then culminated in the final casting of the form in a solid piece of reclaimed metal.  An Alkemie piece is an artistic manifestation reflecting the incredible depth and life of natural textures and objects.
Alkemie Jewelry is a brand that pioneers with hopes to change the jewelry industry with its social and environmentally responsible practices. They have earned a devoted international following based not only on the originality of their designs, but their leadership as a socially and environmentally progressive company.  Alkemie promotes local living wage and eco-sustainable business practices.
All Alkemie designs are Lead & Nickel Free.  We patina our pieces to make them appear as though they came out of a treasure chest!  If you wish to shine, brush with warm water and bleach-free natural soap.  

Small Arrowhead Necklace 


Claw & Bird Necklace 

Peacock Feather Cuff
Snake Vertebrae with Vintage Chain Earrings 
Peace Dove Earrings

Claw & Bird Necklace 

This necklace is amazing. The claw is a signature to the Alkemie line. Added to the necklace are the African inspired links as well as the delicacy of the bird. This necklace is both bold and subtle! 
Peacock Feather Cuff

The Peacock is a symbol of integrity. Represented by it’s feathers, integrity is shown when the Peacock shows it’s true colors. May this cuff inspire you to always be true and stand in integrity with the true colors of who you are.  Forged from 100% reclaimed metal.

Peace Dove Earrings

Peace doves adorn these hoops.  A peace dove is an international symbol for a desire for there to be world peace. Therefore, these have become the Peace Hoops. 
Made from 100% reclaimed metal.  

Small Arrowhead Necklace 

An arrowhead is a great reminder to give reverence to the native people of this land.  Their history is rich and one of deep reverence for Mother Earth. 
Forged using 100% reclaimed metal. 


Snake Vertebrae with Vintage Chain Earrings 

Snakes have been a fundamental part of Alkemie's line since the inception.   The quality of transformation that they represent we find fundamental to being designers. We hope that these earrings inspire you to embrace the inevitable quality of transformation of the snake!   Vintage chains are sourced from Japan.

Owl Chain with Hawk Claw Necklace

The sun is said to live through the Owl’s eyes at night, allowing the owl to see better at night. May this necklace with it’s many owls inspire you too see in the darkness and find the wisdom inside. We found the claw on the end of the chain on the side of the road. Out of reverence we cast it into one of the features of our line.
All pieces handmade in Los Angeles. Made of 100% reclaimed metal. 

Talon holding Druzy Crystal with Long Thin Tooth Necklace 


Sword Necklace

Swords were designed so that one side turns heavenward, the other side turns earthwards. This is said to be symbolic of the powerful connection between sky and earth, and further solidifying the symbolism of life and death.  
Elephant Tooth Necklace 
This necklace pendant is a lucky elephant combined with a tooth.  We added a few subtle nuggets on the chain for more design interest.  May it bring luck to anyone who wears it!All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles.  Forged from 100% reclaimed metal.  Can be worn long or doubled to be worn short.
Talon holding Druzy Crystal with Long Thin Tooth Necklace 
Ancient Japanese believed druzies formed from the breath of a white dragon, and regarded them as representing perfection.  The Talon holding the Crystal imbues this element, while the Long Thin Tooth brings forth the idea of this ancient wisdom.  Every precious Druzy Crystal is one-of-a-kind. All pieces are hand made in Los Angeles. Forged from 100% reclaimed metal.  

Dara and Ashley’s motivation to live environmentally and socially conscious really comes from exemplifying responsibility to their daughters. 


We hope you fall in love with Alkemie as much as we have. 
+612 8966 9555 / shop@mrandmrssmith.net.au