Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brent Wilson

Sydney-based designer Brent Wilson, the creative force behind the self titled menswear label, has always had a love for fashion design. With a business-minded father and an experienced dressmaking mother, Wilson was always destined to have a career in fashion. Growing up and surrounded by such influences, Wilson's flair for style set him apart from his peers and is still doing so today.

He has worked for the likes of streetware label Volvom amongst others. However, it was the experience of working and designing for the Australian fashion icon Wayne Cooper between 2000 - 2003 that cemented Wilson's passion to pursue his dream of founding and owning a successful, fashion-forward menswear label under his own name.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Three scoops of summer please

Warm winds sweep across our legs and the sun has a new hairdue.
Puts us in the mood for lazy summer days, of good times and ice cream.
A selection hot of the racks from Fleur Wood for you lovely ladies.

Creaming Soda Dress $445

Kiss´n catch bandeau bikini $165

Flirty Peony Blouse $295
Bring your cone and drop by for a big doze of summer at the shop.