Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manning Cartell-Maiden Rhine Dress-featured in June's MARIE CLAIRE

Available in store sz 8, 

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all for the cause - Mr & Mrs Smith & Power Living Manly for The Black Dog Insitute

We are proud to be supporting the the Power Living Community in Manly as it holds it's a fundraiser event this coming Saturday 28th May 2011. The event is raising money for a worthy cause and deserving charity; the Black Dog Institute for depression, bipolar and metal illness.

The Black Dog Institute (BDI) is an educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering specialist expertise in mood disorders - a range of disorders that include depression and bipolar disorder. The Institute is attached to the Prince of Wales Hospital and affiliated with the University of New South Wales. Formally launched in February 2002, it builds on the work of its predecessor, the Mood Disorders Unit, established 17 years earlier as a state-wide clinical research facility. Black Dog Institutes mission is to advance the understanding, diagnosis and management of the mood disorders by continuously raising clinical, research, education and training standards. In so doing, the Institute aims to improve the lives of those affected - and in turn - the lives of their families and friends.
We all love a good party, and no one deserves it more than you guys!

This is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down, relax, socialise, and help give back to the community that we so love and are honoured to make up a part of.

Make sure you get involved with Power Living and Power Healing for this special social event: a funky yoga class and party afterwards to help give back to the community and support the Black Dog Institute.

 4 - 5.30 PM - Super Fantastic Yoga Class with Kat + Elisha ....and live music! (Harp and Didgeridoo)
6.30 – 9 PM - A Party for Charity!
·      Delicious Organic Food by Organicus
·      Tasty Cocktails and Mocktails by Rio Life with superfood ACAI 
·             Relaxing Meditation by Krista Hoffs
·      Live Music by The Myall High Club
·      Free Massages By Antje and Katrina
Your support and place within our community are essential; show your support by getting tickets today, or donating directly to Black Dog by visiting their website:

Prices: Yoga $25, Party $45, Both $65

Please feel free to invite whomever you'd like to share this special evening with.... family, friends, random strangers etc :)  Let's UNITE create + spread Happiness in our community by coming together + supporting The Black Dog Institute who do amazing work with people affected by depression and other mental and mood disorders.

Special Guest Speakers:
 •                Matthew Johnstone from The Black Dog Institute: Artist, writer (not to mention saint:) Matthew Johnstone, a sufferer himself, has written and illustrated moving and uplifting insights into what it is like to have a Black Dog as a companion. He shows that strength and support that can be found within and around us to tame it. Black Dog can be a terrible beast, but with the right steps can be brought to heel.
   •                Niki Andronicus from Organicus. There was a decade where Nici Andronicus fought hard to compete as one of the best few in the world at the gruelling sports of triathlon and modern pentathlon. However racing for Australia was just the warm up for the battle to save her husband Paul from a rare and nasty cancer, learning quickly about organic food. With her husband’s survival and their five children as inspiration for health, Nici has built an organic food business, working towards a goal of sharing clean, honest, organic food to people everywhere.
   •                Black Dog Ambassador and World Champion elite swimmer Brendan Capell. Brendan is a young man passionate about giving back, a legend in and out of the Ocean.

We have donated an amazing prize that you are able to bid on all for the great cause...
Mr & Mrs Smith Manly – 2 adorable children’s outfits

Mamapapa little girls size 4; paisley dress with grey wool Chalk & Cheese duffle coat

Polka little boys size 4-5; tailored waistcoat and matching little tailored utility pants, with Munster white print hoodie tee and Chalk and Cheese chocolate wool duffle coat….
all up worth more than $500!!!

Other great Raffle, Luck door prizes and silent auction all donated by the Manly local community;

Saltmotion (photos)
Schkinny Minnie (juice detox/ cleanse)
Soul Sessions
ICMS College (wine + dine)
Manly Wine
Toni and Guy (Hair)
Lulu Lemon (Yoga gear!!)
Power Living Yoga passes (enlightening!)
Mattanas (Hair)
Absolute Photography
Murdok (clothes)
Belle Isle (beauty package)
Manly Health Foods
Anti-Ageing skin care pack
1 on 1 Running technique coaching
Bare Fish swimming 1 day foundation course
Children's Party Entertainment
Free coffee cards (soul!)
Power pack including naturopathy, intuitive counselling, Kineseology and massage
Coaching "The Work Of Byron Katie"
Shakti - cool yoga tshirts
Manly learn to surf
Kenrose Canvas

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twenty8Twelve Autumn/Winter 11

Twenty8Twelve Autumn/Winter 2011-12

"Really elegant and classy - the perfect winter wardrobe," says Sienna Miller about the autumn/winter 2011-12 collection from Twenty8Twelve. Watch Sienna and her sister Savannah as they pick out their favourite pieces from the new range, and talk through the challenges of staying true to their design aesthetic.

“I THINK our last show was misinterpreted as trying to be high fashion, which was never what we intended,” said Sienna Miller of last season’s Twenty8Twleve catwalk show. It was this that made the sisters want to try out a presentation format to showcase their autumn/winter 2010-11 collection.
The location, Two Temple Place, offered a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere with its intricately carved wooden rooms and rich tapestries. Guests were led into drawing room, where a film of Sienna in pieces from the collection was projected onto a wall and, later, up a vast staircase to a grand room where the models - perched on two stages - lounged on chaises longues and antique chairs, chatting to one another.
The duo’s inspiration was admittedly vast, citing glam-rock-meets-Adam-Ant, the Blitz Kids and peace protester Johanna Lawrenson as just a few of their points of reference. Models were young and fresh with mussed-up, centre-parted hair and the look was, in Savannah’s words, “multi-textural and multi-dimensional”.
Devoré velvet and jersey mini dresses were accompanied by chunky black leather platforms, courtesy of Camilla Skovgard, and ribbed tights. A grey jersey maxi was dressed down with a khaki parka and high-waisted slim tartan trousers looked cool with a black fur-lined drop-pocket coat.

Denim was acid-washed and skinny and chunky heart pendants by Pamela Love finished off almost every look giving the ever-present Sienna rock-chick vibe. Eclecticism was certainly the theme as velvet scarves, tied as turbans, and cosy wool cardigans that effused countryside chic sat side-by-side to create wearable looks that will appeal to many.
It’s clear that the Miller sisters are extremely aware that their brand is a commercial one, and as Savannah herself pointed out, with the likes of Christopher Kane around, they would be hard pushed to compete with high fashion names. But this a quality they strive to highlight. They create clothes that they would wear and, to be honest, who wouldn’t want a piece of the Sienna and Savannah magic?

For those of you who don’t know, Sienna Miller and her fashion designer sister, Savannah are behind label Twenty8Twelve. I have some issues with this label, first, you don’t name any kind of company after four numbers and then mix up the spelling with letters and numbers. Secondly, the new Fall 2010 line looks like something I can see on any street corner in the Mission, worn by a lady who paid a fraction of the price for a similar outfit. I understand that Sienna says she doesn’t claim to be a designer and feels she’s been misinterpreted, but when you own a clothing line with someone who has had formal training in fashion design, like her sister…I’m sorry, like it or not, you are a designer.

Back to the Fall 2010 collection, it’s not high-end, and the clothes, while doubtless fun for a certain kind of British girl to wear, don’t display the kind of skill that have won critical acclaim. In this collection, there were some neat pieces, such as the trippy colored giant cardigan, lovely black tops and dresses with fringed shoulders, and a red minidress.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

WHYRED " Clean living under difficult circumstances"

Whyred was born out of the need for a brand embodying the modernist credo of dress wear for the stylistically conscious. The idea was to develop a distinctively personal elaboration of mod culture’s street-smart elegance. We understand Modism as clean dressing under difficult circumstances, a paraphrase of Peter Meaden’s famous quote ”clean living under difficult circumstances”.
Taking good tailoring, contemporary music and the art world as its point of departure, Whyred has earned the epithet "the Indie super label”. Authentic and visionary, Whyred appeals to the confident and adventurous consumer. Our ambition is to create intelligent luxury - elegant garments with a casual luxurious eel as opposed to the brash and the vulgar. Dressing to express your personality in a subtle, surprising manner is more easily said than done. So, what is it that actually happens in that blessed moment when dressing up for a night out and suddenly after adding or removing a piece of clothing you look great? Exhilarated, you instantly feel good about yourself. But is this only the fleeting reward of instant gratification? We believe that something more profound is at stake here. Something that we aim to achieve with our philosophy of style. Clothes should, simply put, assert those personal traits that the wearer likes best. Thus, every Whyred garment is made with bringing out the wearer’s personality in mind. It’s about establishing the precarious balance between identity and look, individual as it is from person to person.

To follow a selection from the Swedish label Whyred 's amazing winter collection filled with great tailored jackets and quality knitwear, for that classic Scandinavian cool.

Icky Finewool Knit availble in store in Navy Blue $200

Coil Lambswool Knit with gold zip down left shoulder, available in store in Red Wine $185

Mir Light Wool Knit available in store in Mil Green Khaki $230

 Noid Stiff Wool available in store in Dark Navy Coat $750

Chad Light Waxed Parker Jacket availble in store in Mil Green Khaki $590

Saturday, May 14, 2011

kids love a little chat; alot of blabla....

Introducing the label Blabla Kids, now in store. A brand of clothing and accessories for children, made by Peruvian artisans.
Designed by Florence Wetterwald, French designer based in the United States, Blabla collections are hand-knit by Peruvian artisans. The style of Florence, poetic, simple and vibrant of tenderness, creates contemporary objects.
By using only natural materials of exceptional quality, the collection has a soft and irresistible touch.
Blabla was created in 2001 during a trip to Peru of two good friends, Florence and Susan Pritchett. By chance, they discover an entire village of expert craftsmen who have kept alive for generations the tradition of knitting.
Inspired by their talent and kindness, they decided to create a collection for children when they return to the United States.
Sweaters, hats for children with small puppet heads out of the pockets, stuffed animals, rattles, backpacks, blankets and mobiles for children ... We absolutely love the selection of loveable little toys, hats and booties available now!!!!

school book rattles $25 each
animal collection rattles $25 each

hanging owl & birdie knitted mobiles $65 

knitted baby beanies $35
knitted baby booties $35

knittted cute cushions $55

knitted toys for boys and girls; small $25, medium $45, large $55

Friday, May 6, 2011

just for the little ones.... April Showers by Polder

Started by sisters Madelon Lanteri-Laura and Natalie Vodegel, April Showers is the collection for kids launched by the famous french brand Polder.

Started in 2000 Polder, known for their beautiful accessories range quickly bulit up a strong reputation for there incredible craftmanship and quality. In 2008 the sisters introduced their first children's collection "April Showers by Polder" to the Polder brand.

Having both studied in Paris, they bring a unique and artisan quality to the collection, most of which is hand made. A recurring feature in each new collection is the dynamic mixture of materials such as soft cotton, leather, boiled wool, silk, velvets, vintage prints and hand made embroideries.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parisienne Chic with Paul & Joe Sister

The cold snap has kicked in - time to get your layers out and Paul & Joe Sister knows just how to keep you covered this winter!! These cosy knits, layering pieces & beautiful bags now available in store.
Call us for any queries 02 8966 955